Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long do Lambs & Wolves candles last?

Our candles burn for approximately 75 - 77 hours. We have carefully crafted these candles to be slow burning so you get the most value and a long lasting experience. 

Are your candles safe?

Yes! Here at Lambs & Wolves, we spent over a year testing and had our candles lab tested in order to ensure our candles are safe for our customers. We follow industry standards and adhere to industry safety regulations.

Are your fragrance oils safe?

Yes, our fragrance oils are non-carcinogenic, phthalate free, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free

Why is my candle tunneling?

It may appear that your candle is tunneling after 2-3 burns however, due to our careful formulation, we crafted these candles to be slow burning. So once you reach the middle of your jar, the wax will catch up and you will have an even burning candle. 

What kind of wax do you use?

We use a proprietary coconut blend wax. Our waxes are natural and clean burning.

Why do I have to trim my wick before each use?

It is important to trim your wick before each use because it allows the candle to have optimal performance. By trimming your wick, it allows your flame to burn better, produces less smoke/soot and ensures your candle lasts.

Can I reuse my vessel?

Absolutely! In order to repurpose your Lambs & Wolves vessel once your candle is completely done simply pour hot water into the vessel to remove any wax. Next using a spoon, remove the wick tab, it should come up easily because the hot water should have loosened it up. Next use a paper towel and clean out any remaining wax and water, if necessary you may wash with soap and water. Use your vessel as an awesome planter or pen/pencil holder.