Experience the ultimate fusion of self-care and luxury

Handmade luxury candles, premium wax melts and long lasting room/linen sprays.


Mobile Luxury Candle Bar Experience

Enhance your next event with a unique and exciting activity - the Lambs & Wolves Mobile Luxury Candle Bar Experience! Create custom, handmade candles while socializing with friends and colleagues in the comfort of your own venue.

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About Us

Hi! I’m Nicole Mosby, the Creator/ Owner of Lambs & Wolves. In March of 2021, I had given birth to my first born child,my son RJ. After I felt I had enough of a hold of motherhood, I wanted to do something for myself. I’m naturally an artist so my creative spirit is always looking for something to do with my hands. I have been making candles on and off since 2017 and I loved the process and learning about candle making. I decided in late 2021, I was going to restart this passion but what would I call it?

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